Immigration Law Support Services

Immigration Law Support Services

At Eternity Paralegal Services, we deliver thorough immigration law support services, including clerical, paralegal, and secretarial work. Our dedicated team collaborates seamlessly with lawyers handling immigration cases, offering invaluable assistance to enhance efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and help them maintain a competitive edge.

Immigration law covers regulations governing people’s entry, residence, and legal status in a country. It governs the rights and obligations of persons entering or departing a nation, and it handles a wide range of issues, which include visas, work permits, asylum, citizenship, deportation, and border control.

How We Assist US Immigration Law Firms

We offer comprehensive immigration law back-end support services to US law firms, facilitating the seamless processing of asylum applications. From initial client intake to submitting necessary forms such as the I-589 and G-28, our experienced team handles every step with precision and efficiency.

Our immigration back-end support assists in drafting declarations, coordinating requests for custody and parole determinations, and managing the application process for U-Visas. Our expertise extends to e-filing, ensuring that all documents are submitted electronically in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our Immigration Law Back-End Support Services

Asylum Application

Client Intake

Request for Determination of Custody

I-589 form

U-Visa Application


Request for Parole Determination

G-28 form



E2 Visa Applications

Representation Letters

Trust Eternity Paralegal Services to provide reliable and thorough paralegal support, allowing law firms to focus on advocating for their clients’ immigration needs with confidence and proficiency.

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