Estate Planning Law Paralegal Support Services

Estate Planning Law Paralegal Support Services

Feeling overwhelmed by the estate planning workload? Eternity Paralegal Services (EPS) is here to offer much-needed relief. We provide on-demand estate planning law paralegal support services for firms, handle the drafting wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents, and serve attorneys nationwide.

Estate planning law is the legal framework that deals with how a person’s assets are managed and distributed after death or in the case of their incapacitation. It helps ensure your wishes are followed regarding your finances and care. It includes things like wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

How We Assist Law Firms and Lawyers

Our expertise extends to document drafting and trust administration, offering a reliable hand when your staff is overwhelmed or transitioning to estate planning. Whether you’re starting, expanding rapidly, or seeking to streamline your practice, our experienced paralegals deliver high-quality, customized documents, freeing you to focus on what truly matters.

We take confidentiality and precision seriously, ensuring all necessary documents, including intervivos trusts, real property deed transfers, amendments, assignments, QPRTs, and ILITs, are prepared with the utmost care. Trust EPS for superior, personalized estate planning support.

With EPS, you can rest assured that our skilled paralegals will not only enhance your firm’s efficiency but also boost client satisfaction, making your practice stand out.

Paralegal Services for Estate Planning Law Firms

Drafting Wills Packages

Last Will

MDPOA (Medical Power of Attorney)

Living Will

GDPOA (General Power of Attorney)

Trust Drafting Packages

Living Trust

Quit Claim Deed

Revocable Trust

Deed of Packages

Partner with Expert Estate Planning Paralegals to Ensure Accuracy & Efficiency.