Eternity Paralegal Services

As your on-demand paralegal assistants, we offer professional and cost-effective legal support. Established in 2013, Eternity Paralegal Services Company is committed to providing exceptional paralegal services to US law firms and corporations.

Our comprehensive paralegal services streamline daily operations. They are delivered by highly skilled professionals with extensive experience across diverse legal areas. Whether you need quick research, project assistance, or ongoing support, our experienced and responsive paralegal assistants enhance your legal team.

Our mission as a paralegal services provider is to deliver outstanding paralegal support, prioritizing attention to detail, excellence, and superior customer service to achieve our client’s goals. Harnessing our expertise and technological know-how empowers legal businesses to concentrate on core activities while reaping the benefits of customized paralegal services.

Our dedicated team of expert attorneys and paralegal assistants seamlessly integrates with your in-house legal department, offering a valuable extension that aids in achieving specific objectives by reducing operational costs and improving turnaround time.

Paralegal Services

Our Paralegal Services

Unlocking Legal Success Through Expertise, Efficiency, and Precision

Paralegal Servicess

  • Case Management
  • Legal Research
  • Complaint Drafting
  • Discovery
  • Drafting of Notices

Personal Injury

  • Slip & Fall Cases
  • Premises Liability
  • Product liability cases
  • Dog bite cases
  • Complaint Drafting

Contract Management

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Extraction
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Contract Management

Document Review

  • E-discovery
  • Deposition summaries
  • Document Redaction
  • Document Summary
  • Case Summary

Admin Support

  • Scheduling Depositions
  • E-filing Documents
  • Back office Support
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Case Management

Elevate Legal Strategies with Comprehensive Litigation Support and Meticulous Contract Management Solutions.


Drafted complaints

Harnessing Time for Legal Triumph: Swift Complaint Drafting and Filing Within Limitation Periods to Secure Your Rights.


Prepared personal injury demand letters

Empowering Your Claim with Exquisite Precision: Crafting High-End Personal Injury Demand Letters for Optimal Recovery


Summarized depositions

Strategic Insights Unveiled: Deposition Summaries Fuelling Trial Preparedness and Strengthening Case Support.


Summarized medical records and bills

From Complexity to Conciseness: Precise Summaries Fuelling Personal Injury Cases with Comprehensive Insights.

Why Choose Eternity Paralegal Services

  • 11+ years of extensive industry expertise and experience
  • Fast turnaround time with a dedicated team and efficient workflow
  • Flexible engagement and pricing models for cost-efficiency
  • Customized legal solution to your needs
  • Expertise in the latest & most advanced legal software and platform
  • Unrivaled data security, your information is in trusted hands
  • Round-the-clock paralegal and customer support
  • Served a global clientele from different industry verticals
Eternity Paralegal Assistants

What Our Clients Say About Our Paralegal Assistants

Our team of experienced paralegal assistants provides litigation support services to US law firms.

Deepak Ahluwalia

We are a personal injury and immigration law firm that hired Eternity Paralegal Services for document review and preparation. Their proactive and responsive communication quickly addressed any issues or changes based on our needs. They enhanced efficiency and preparation time and reduced document errors. Also eliminated security breaches, ensured compliance, and generated more documents at a lower cost. The service provider is meticulous, proactive, and timely.

Deepak Ahluwalia | Attorney, Owner

Jared Lorenzo

I had a wonderful experience receiving paralegal services through a complicated divorce case involving my business, custody of our children, and other considerations! Eternity Paralegal Services helped me get a great result in court, keep my cool, and helped me avoid many potentially unpleasant disruptions! I highly recommend them for their trustworthiness and strong understanding of US and California business and family law.

Jared Lorenzo | Entrepreneur

James D, COO

The end customer was happy with Eternity Paralegal Services' work, marking the project's success. The team was very responsive to the client and the end customer. Moreover, they were knowledgeable about legal tasks, allowing them to help a wide array of legal firms.

James D | President & COO

David, Partner of Law Firm

Eternity Paralegal Services delivered timely summaries and analyses, ensuring a productive engagement. The professional, reliable team communicated clearly and promptly and responded to needs and concerns throughout.

David S | Injury Lawyer, Partner

andrew wolff attorney

Eternity Paralegal's proficiency in civil litigation and discovery is truly commendable. Their expertise and dedication make them an invaluable asset to any legal team.

Andrew Wolff | Attorney

Bruce Michael Robinson

We have worked with Eternity Paralegal Services for over one year concerning the review and summary of documents. Jagdeep has always been dependable, on time and reasonable. We recommend his service.

Bruce Michael Robinson | Attorney

Gene Halavanau Principal Attorney

I hired Eternity Paralegal Services to work on personal injury demand letters. I was generally satisfied with the value I received. Responsiveness level was excellent.

Gene H. | Attorney

Attorney - Clients Testimonials

I hired Eternity Paralegal Services to review documents, draft letters and propound and respond to discovery. They have done an excellent job. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

David S. | Attorney

Ethen Ostroff Attorney

Where do I start with such a fantastic asset to any company. An excellent communicator, hard worker, trustworthy paralegal. Eternity Paralegal Services have experienced resources who are a better asset to any law firm. Anyone is lucky to stumble across them. They take direction well, are willing to learn new things, grasps difficult concepts and are extremely bright professionals. They are willing to take on any project you put in front of them and will put whole heart into it.

Ethen O. | Attorney

Attorney - Clients Testimonials

Great worker and very diligent. Helpful and professional.

Andrew | Attorney

Laura Lee Shields

Eternity Paralegal Services has been writing personal injury demands for me for about a year. They are intelligent, well-spoken and extremely quick with turnaround. Many times, I send work at the end of the day and it is ready by morning. I am extremely happy with their services and I will continue to use them. Their services are amazing.

Laura S. | Attorney

Attorney - Clients Testimonials

I have been working with Eternity Paralegal Services for over a year now. They are smart, detail oriented, responsive and wonderful to work with. They have a passion for quality and it makes me proud to work with them. I recommend them to anyone looking to be impressed!!

Jody S. | Attorney


We Offer A Broad Range Of Paralegal Services

We specialize in paralegal outsourcing services across multiple legal fields, offering comprehensive support tailored to

each practice’s particular needs.

Practice Management Software

We excel in managing case workflows with expertise in SmartAdvocate, Filevine, Clio, PCLaw, Actionstep, iManage, CASEpeer, Casemap, and Lexis Nexis.

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